About Us

Delivering High Quality Projects working closely with Innovative Designers!

Pro Concept is a well known and respected fitout company focussed on exceptional quality. We stand out amongst our competitors by focussing on quality rather than quantity. Design excellence is the cornerstone of every project.

Our success lies in the detail, achieved by working closely with the best local and international designers and architects. The company’s hard work is driven by restless creativity and the strive to ensure the best prices and quality for our clients. Continuous collaboration with designers and raw-material suppliers distinguishes Pro Concept projects from all other fitout companies. We aim to work with our clients to deliver projects that sit within their budget.

Safety, Health and Wellbeing is a priority and is reflected in all current spaces completed by our hardworking and dedicated team. We try our best to ensure that our project’s features and materials are manufactured and designed to reflect and impact sustainability.

Doing business ethically makes us and everyone that interacts with our company proud. Partners, employees and suppliers are expected to do business with a high degree of integrity which becomes an added value in the long-term relationships we strive to create.

Exploring new markets means more demanding customers help us to improve every day. The final metric of the perceived quality from the customer’s perspective are the number of partnerships that have endured over time.